The Mompreneur Lab Community
The Mompreneur Lab Community
Maureen Spell

Welcome to The Mompreneur Lab Community

The Science of Success at Home AND Business

What is The Mompreneur Lab Community?

Mom, have you ever looked around you and saw women who are greatly successful in their business and wonder why you're not yet?

Or what about those moms who are rocking it at home and seem to have all the systems and routines in place and are enjoying motherhood while you aren't?
It feels like a teeter-totter. Either you're doing awesome at home and the business slides. Or your business is doing well but things at home are falling apart. Where is the model for a mom to be successful at both home and business at the same time?

It's right here in the Mompreneur Lab.

If your business hasn't thrived, it's not your fault. Very few people understand the science of how to prosper in motherhood and business at the same time.

Moms, did you know our brains change when we become moms?

Do you know what those changes are and how to work with them not against them?
Let's get off that teeter-totter and step into the elevator where we lift up home and business simultaneously. It's a science, it's the Mompreneur Science. I cracked the code and I'm going to walk you through the process.

Inside You'll Find:

  • Our free community where we work on a mind-reset, goals reset and routine reset
  • The Mompreneur Lab 3 month specialized group coaching and training course
  • Faith-based inspiration and training for the Kingdom entrepreneur
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